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the ramblings of a crazy idiot

p.s. you might explode

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Hi! I'm Louisa Eleftheriou :3

I'm a Fashion grad from England. And I'm frilly.
I love Lolita fashion!

Click here for my sales feedback.

The graphics on my journal are from poupee (http://pupe.ameba.jp) I am not claiming them as my own, although I did edit them to make my background, icons and banner. My poupee is here!

Check out my etsy store if you like my work!

Icing Sugar by decorarockstar

I'm working on developing my own brand now uni is over... It's a lolita and cute-style brand specialising in adorable printed garments.

Icing Sugar is a cute style and sweet lolita brand ♥ specialising in printed, cute clothes and one~of~a~kind jewellery to make you feel like a princess and make the world a prettier place ♥ Everything is handmade, with a lot of love, in the UK :)

If you like my designs then why not like Icing Sugar on Facebook? I post things on FB before it goes into the shop so you'll have an early chance to see something you like!
There's plenty more yet to come!

I'm also available for commission!

Look at my DeviantArt for examples of illustrations

Portraits £25
Fabric Print Design £25 to £50 based on complexity
(+ sampling/printing priced according to print companies)
Pattern Drafting £10 to £50 based on complexity and sampling
Dress Making £25 and up based on complexity

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